Windscreen Replacement

Let Epic Windscreens handle your vehicle glass needs.

At Epic Windscreens we have the latest equipment and expertise needed to carry out a clean professional windscreen repair and replacement services on a wide range of vehicles. We supply and install all glass including front windscreens, heated rear screens and all types of body glass.

Over the years vehicles have advanced dramatically: specially onboard features and technology. Whether your windscreen has the latest features and technology or not we will have taken this into account to have your newly fitted windscreen a stress free experience. Features include:

  • Heated Windscreen
  • Automatic Rain Sensor
  • Automatic Lights Sensor
  • Windscreen Antenna
  • Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Headed Wiper element
  • Reflective Solar Coating 
  • Green, Blue or Bronze Top Tint
  • Lane navigation / Departure warning systems (LDW)

The importance of windscreen calibration.

If your vehicle has advanced driving assistance systems and you’re planning or having a windscreen replacement, you will also need your windscreen calibrating.

Vehicle manufacturers state windscreen calibration is required following a collision, replaced windscreen, a wheel alignment, a geometry change and if the camera has been disconnected, partially moved or developed a fault. If not ADAS will read and process the wrong information, and simply won’t work.

Windscreen calibration is a specialist practise, and must be carried out under workshop conditions on a flat levelled surface. This means ADAS recalibration should only be carried out at your car dealer.

We are happy to replace your windscreen however a disclaimer form will need to be signed. We highly recommend you book your vehicle in at a dealer for calibration.


What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System. It is a rapidly growing new technology that includes systems to help the driver in the driving process. When designed with a safe human-machine interface they should increase car safety & road safety in general.

Features can include:

  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Blind Spot Monitoring Park Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Forward Collision Mitigation / Smart City Brake